Episode 2.1 The Anniversary Ep!

Our 1 year anniversary episode of Iconicast is now available!



Episode 2.1, our one year anniversary episode is here! Listen to our thoughts on the Batman v Superman fiasco and our discussion on the most iconic superhero works and portrayals of yesterday and today!

Download at the following link (right click here) or on iTunes (sometimes it can take a day or two for new episodes to show up in the iTunes store, but if you subscribe to our podcast then check your subscriptions, episode two should be there), or simply use the player below.

00:00:00  Introduction

00:01:15   Why Iconicast Exists (from Man of Steel to Batman v Superman)

00:20:19  How We Define Iconic

00:32:42  Iconic Recommendations from the Past

00:53:38  Most Iconic TV and Film Portrayals

01:14:32 Contemporary Iconic Recommendations

Iconicast theme music written and performed by Jared Featherstone http://www.jaredfeatherstone.com

Our Youtube channel will be updated soon! YouTube

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