Halloween Episode!

The Halloween episode of my podcast is up!



Welcome to our Halloween Themed episode! Join Big Al, Michael and special guest Chris Meaux as they discuss their favorite Halloween themed superheroes and stories and geek out over Ghost Rider on Agents of SHIELD!

Download at the following link (click right here!) or on iTunes (sometimes it can take a day or two for new episodes to show up in the iTunes store, but if you subscribe to our podcast then check your subscriptions, episode two should be there), or simply use the player below.

00:00:00  Introduction

00:06:28   Past superhero costumes

00:13:58    Ghost Rider on Agents of SHIELD

00:27:34   Batman: The Long Halloween

00:35:50   Chris’ recommendation – Batman: The Mad Monk and The Monster Men

00:43:32    Big Al’s recommendation – Joung Justice: Secrets

01:01:58     Michael’s recommendation – Spider-man: The Short Halloween

01:10:13      Iconic Captain Marvel with Super Ben!

01:47:46   Favorite Halloween…

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