Been A While!


I’ve meant to write another blog post on a number of occasions. I always wait until I can devote the time necessary to write a quality post, but once that time comes along, it’s swiped up by one of the many more pressing demands on my schedule. So I figured I’d at least write about what those demands are.

I have quite a few projects to announce. First of all, I’m still co-hosting the fine podcast Superman Lives with the great late night geek himself, Chris Meaux. We try to put out an episode twice a month. Check us out here for traditionalist-oriented commentary on all things Superman in comics, TV, or film.

Iconicast is taking some time off, but Chris and I have another new podcast, joined by Big Al. Holy Roman Fanboys: The Geek Shall Inherit the Earth is a podcast about geek culture from a Catholic perspective. Join us, even if you’re not Catholic, for deep, spiritual conversations about superheros, science fiction, animation and more!

And as if that wouldn’t keep me busy enough, I plan to resurrect my YouTube channel Professor Geek. I was forced to abandon it just as it was gaining traction last year when the fall semester’s papers began to pile up. If you have a moment, subscribe to the channel and check out some of my older video analyses while the new ones are on their way!

My biggest news, however, is that my book Heroic Inspirations will be available from Hero House on May 1st. This book came from the class I teach on superhero archetypes and from the iconic pages I run on Facebook. It features life lessons from your favorite superheroes and their stories. I’ll be painting the internet with the cover as soon as they give me the go-ahead. So keep an eye out!

And lastly, do look to this blog for more regular posts. I have a lot of ideas I’d like to hammer out. In the mean time, follow me on Twitter @MichaelCritzer. See you soon!